About Me

Aren't all men supposed to want sex?

If so, why didn’t he want to have sex with me? I was embarrassed and ashamed.

How could I be in a sexless relationship? (A sexless relationship is defined as having sex 10 or fewer times per year.)

I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

I signed up for workshops on blow jobs and orgasms and tantra.

Nothing was working.

I didn’t want to cheat…And I didn’t… But not having sex was taking a toll on me. I was cranky. You know you get cranky too when you ain’t getting any on a regular basis.

Just me?

Yeah OK.

And then one day I told someone what was going on. She said she was going thru the same thing. I wasn’t alone. I understood her plight and was a tad relieved I wasn’t the only one experiencing this.

Turns out quite a few women were experiencing this but were afraid to talk about it. They were trying to figure out what was wrong. And for some reason, they were talking to me about it. Well, I am easy to talk to. 🙂

Then I realized something… I could help other couples in this situation.

So I went back to school and became a Certified Sex Counselor. And that’s how the Gen SeXologist was born.

As a Gen Xer, I know we had terrible sex ed in school. No one – and I mean no one – tells you what to do or how to experience pleasure sexually.

I also know everyone deserves to feel desired and wanted, have amazing sex, and mind-altering orgasms. I want to help other Gen Xers who are struggling with connecting to their partners. I want to help YOU have blissful orgasms. I want to help YOU be brave enough to communicate, have fun, be adventurous, and be curious about trying new things.

There shouldn’t be any more shyness about sex. We should feel comfortable talking about what makes us all wet and juicy. The world needs more sexually satisfied people and I am on a mission to help people who aren’t happy and satisfied sexually make those changes to achieve and prioritize their pleasure.

I want to show you how to experience pleasure sexually, emotionally, and physically.

In a nutshell, I’m doing the Lord’s work one orgasm at a time.

P.S. I’m waaaayyyy cheaper than a divorce!

Random things I’m passionate about


I love to bake cakes, pies, homemade pasta, and I make ice cream.

My dirty little secret: I don’t like cake at all. I only like to bake it. I don’t drink so I make ice cream when I get invited to people’s homes. It’s how I make friends. 🙂


My dirty little secret: I will not shop in a Target that doesn’t have popcorn. I’ll only do pickup service there.

Nigerian Afrobeat music

My favs: Timaya, Small Doctor, HarrySong, Davido, Wande Coal, Wiz Kid, Flavour

My dirty little secret: I am 48% Nigerian


The Nationals! (I’m a DC native)

My dirty little secret: I don’t watch any other sport because there are 162 baseball games. That is nearly ten years of football games and 2 years of basketball games.


I sold my car in 2020 and mainly get around via bike and Metro (when it’s running)

My dirty little secret: I love to bike in a dress and heels.

Aerial Yoga

There’s something about hanging upside down like a bat that is calming to my soul

My dirty little secret: I have never liked a single yoga class until I went to aerial yoga