Hi everyone. It’s ReneeYvonne, The Gen Sexologist. And I’m back. I missed you guys. So today I want to talk a little bit about spicing things up when things have gotten a little stale in the bedroom. And although I am no expert on BDSM, that’s not my specialty. I think that you could still begin to play around with some things. If you’re thinking about, I just want to bring in something a little different to what’s going on in our bedroom right now, or kitchen or car, wherever you are. Okay. So fall, I think is a great time to try out something new because it’s getting cooler. You could be indoors, and this is a chance to try to find out what you may like with your partner. So I’m going to share a couple of things with you that I have that I think can be a great start to bringing some things into your sex play.

If you haven’t done this already. And these are really simple things, start with a tie. And this is one I got from a company obviously called momentum. And it’s a blindfold, as you can see, start with a scarf, a or something like that, and blindfold your partner. And what’s so cool about doing something like that is that it takes away obviously your sense of sight, which can be a big turnoff for many people during sex play, but it takes it away. And it forces you to focus on all of the other sensations that maybe you take for granted, such as tastes, sound, smells, and feels. So taking away that, that site for a little while can be very exciting and erotic. Also, you could use this same tie to tie your partner’s hands together or their feet so that they can’t move. So this again, allows them to not be able to move, but you can then begin to play and do other things with your partner that maybe you can’t do when they’re free to just move everything around.

The other way to restrain your partner, of course, is through handcuffs. So you can use something like this. This also came from that company momentum. Clearly, I haven’t used this as the tags are still on them, but you can put these around your partner’s wrist, cuff them together. The fur from the inside makes them comfortable. And then your partner is strapped together. And then you can begin to torture slash tease them as much as you want. You also don’t have to keep these together as you see, they have a clip on them. So you could take them apart so that you don’t have to have your partner tied to their hands together. You could let them go at some point if you’d like to do something like that. Okay? So a silk scarf or something like that, plus handcuffs can be a great way to start to bring some excitement into the bedroom. If you haven’t tried that already, another one to do, I love massages. And one of the things you can do is to start with a massage candle. So this is not just a regular candle,

So you don’t want to just go to your store and pick up a candle like this. This will burn them. And then no one has a good time. So when you want to do is to get a candidate specifically designed for massages. It will, when you light it, the oil, the WIC will burn. The candle will start to melt and it’ll come down to a body temperature that’s comfortable. And then you just pour that oil into your hand, rub it in, and then massage your partner with the warming oil of this is a great thing to do on a cold rainy night or a, just a chilly night. It’s great to give your partner a massage. And these lasts a really long time. They come in all kinds of flavors and scents. I should say all types of scents, and they feel really good. And they’re very moisturizing. This one is vanilla. As you can see also have a mango one. So they smell good. So they bring in a couple of things. It brings in the lights, the ambiance with the candle, it brings in a beautiful, delicious smell. And then also the warming healing. So you’ve got three senses that are at work here, which is really cool.

You want to be a little bit more adventurous in your play for male or female? I think I’m directing this to females, but maybe not okay. Is to do some nipple play. If you’ve never had a nipple orgasm, they are exquisite and you should try it if you get a chance. So there are several things you can do with nipple play. If you are like me and you are a little adverse to having something pierced through your nipple is eek, you know, as exciting as that could be for some people for me, I’m just like, oh, no, thanks. So that sounds painful. You can get these beautiful little painless…These are pierceless clips. This is made by a company called Why BEE Normal. They’re on Etsy. I love them. I have quite a bit of their stuff. I’m going to show you some other things on later episodes that I’ve ordered from them, but these are really, really pretty. They almost look like earrings, right? And they make them in all kinds of styles. So they have these little ones. I have some other ones in my drawer that I pull out, but they have these. And what’s so cool about them is that they just attach to your nipple and then you just push them together and you can create the sensation you want. So you can have it be just mildly tinging stinging. It can be you know, more staining or painful if you will, if you’d like it to be that way by just pressing it closer. And it also makes your nipples very erect, which can be very erotic for your partner. So these are clipless, I’m sorry. Pierceless nipple clips. Now the other ones you can do, these are not made by the same company.

I don’t actually know who these are made by, but these are fun. These are called alligator clip, nipple clips. And as you see, these are furry. What’s cool about these is that you can adjust the amount of pain that you want. So when you push this in, you have this little screw here and you can pull the, can pull the screw back and you’ll notice that the clip goes in. And so if you like more pitch, you could do that. If you like a little less pitch, you screw it in this way. And you’ll see, they stay open a lot, a lot wider. And these are just like, you know, fun, little tassels on those. So if you want to just show up, you know, I’ve had people say, what do you wear that with heels? Just put some heels on and these and that’s your night.

That’s fun. The other ones you could do. And these to me have more pinch than any of these are magnetic. And you can see, this is a really, really strong magnet. That magnet is strong. So this is a really strong magnet. I don’t remember the name of this company either. I’ll try to look these up if I find these, but these are really strong magnets. So if you don’t mind more of a sting, these are great. As you can see, I’m having a difficult time pulling these apart. You put this on your nipple, boom. And it goes on there. It creates a deep pinch that some people can handle some people can’t, but if you like that pinch, then you’ll love these. And I just think these are beautiful little hearts on here. They’re real. They look really pretty. And whether they’re, regardless of whether you feel like your breasts sit up in they’re perky, or they’re not these look great on everybody.

So try one of these out. If you like to do some nipple play, you see, these are, this is a strong magnet, so you can see, and then last but not least a flogger. So this is a flogger. I just got this in the mail two days ago. I can’t wait to try it out. What I love about this flogger is that it is, it has fur and it has the, the, the leather part on it. And so it’s not going to make a deep thud, or does it make a deep thud, like where you just have the leather tassels, the firm kind of softens it. And you know, a lot of people think, oh my God, somebody’s just going to whip me with this, but you can really just take the flog and just run it over your partner’s body. And the sensation of the fur with the leather is very, very nice.

And so of course you can take it and just like whip something. You can do that too. If you’re into that. And some people are like, some people really like that feeling, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, do it if you like it. But what I really like is to be able to just kind of run this over your partner’s body, and this is a nice place to start with something like that, that just kind of caresses them so that they’re not like, oh my God, she’s going to take this out and just beat me to death with it. That’s you don’t have to have it like that. You can try different things with this and feel the different fabrics and textures that are on your body. And a lot of sex play is about that. It’s about exploring what feels good on your body in different ways. And sometimes you may not think you might not look at this and think, oh yeah, I want that because you’re, you’ve already thought somebody’s going to whip me with it. Instead of thinking, like maybe they just going to run across my body and go, oh, wow. That’s really nice. Okay. So these are some things to play with and your playtime

To start out, fall, try something new, try something, a little different, add something in to make it a little bit more exciting. These of course are not all of the things you could try. I’m just starting people out because I think these are things that you can get that are pretty simple. You can usually find them on someplace like Etsy or love honey or a site like that. I even have. Actually, I don’t have any of these on my site. I need to add these on my website, but you can find these on different sites and play around with it and see what you like and see what feels good for you and your partner. Now, if you liked this video, please hit subscribe. I do these mostly weekly. Sometimes I get a little off track. I get busy, but I try to come to you weekly with new tips to help you make your sex life more exciting and to help revive a sex life that maybe has gotten a little bit stale. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the meantime, I’ll see you next week and have an amazing weekend. Bye.