It’s mid-February and if you are like me you have probably made a resolutions and not followed through on them. That’s OK. You can always start again or start anew. And guess what? I have some ideas for you.

  1. Have sex outside the bedroom.Try a different room in your house or a different place altogether. Get a hotel room. Rent an AirBNB for a day or two. Go outside. The point is to make a resolution to try something different sexually outside the bedroom this year.
  2. New toy.There are so many toys on the market today. Why not try one that is new to you. Maybe it’s a clitoral suction toy, a vibrating masturbator toy, or a g-spot toy. Or try massage candles. They melt at a lower temperature than regular candles from the store. Once the candle begins to melt, you’ll get a warm pool of wax and you can use that to give your partner a massage. And the flavored edible ones mean you can lick the oil off them too. A treat for you both. You can also consider an over the door Suspense Sex Swing or Play with Me Straps which allow you to get into certain positions and to make doggy style easier.
  3. Learn more about pleasure anatomy.So by now you know that I teach and counsel on sexuality workshops. This year make it a priority to learn more about how you can achieve pleasure by taking a workshop about pleasuring the penis or vulva, kink, or a couple’s pleasure mapping. These workshops are virtual or in person if you are in the DC area. Check out my workshops here. Or signup for a group workshop below.