Hi everyone. It’s Renée Yvonne , The Gen Sexologist. And welcome! So glad you’re here today. Today, I want to talk about how to give a better blow job. Now, sometimes you can get into a rut with a blow job. Let’s be honest, you’re down there. You’re sucking them. You’re just your jaws hurt. You’re tired. Don’t you know, whatever, but let’s, we can make it a little bit more exciting. So let’s talk a little bit about how we can make it a little bit more exciting for both you and for him. So one of the things I’m going to introduce is toys cause you know, I love toys and these are really fun to check out and try because I got this question the other day, someone was like, what are some techniques to just switch things up? And there’s always positions, different positions you can do. And those are definitely fun, but sometimes throwing in a little toy can make it a little bit more exciting and it’s very unexpected. So let’s start with the first one that I think is the least surprising maybe though. And I’m going to start with that one.

So the first thing you could do is while you are performing oral sex, you can purchase a finger vibe or not. I’m sorry. Let me rephrase that. You don’t want to purchase it while you’re giving oral sex. That doesn’t make sense, right? Well, before you give oral sex purchase, they finger vibe. That’s better. Right? All right, good. So you’re going to you get this finger, Bob and these are really cool and there are tons of different ones. I’m checking out a bunch of different ones right now. This one, I don’t remember. This is one by Praxis or Pyxis. I don’t remember the name. Okay. There’s another one that I’m checking out by a company called Fun Factory and I love Fun Factory. In fact, I’m going to show you two of their toys next, because I think they make the funnest toys. I think their toys are awesome. So this one is really cool because you can just put it on your finger. You see that doesn’t shake off or anything, on your finger. It’s rechargeable because you know, I’m all about rechargeable. Get rid of all those batteries. So it has these two little nodes here, right? There are magnetic and you can charge it that way. And then on the side is a little button that turns it on. So this creates a vibration on your finger. So while you are performing oral sex on him, you can run this up and down the shaft. You can put it on his balls. You can put on his perineum. If he’s into and likes his nipples played with, you can put it up there on his nipples while you’re giving a blow job. This is just a great all around toy to have on your finger. And it’s because it’s so small and he, you know, he might not notice it. It’s so great because you can do a lot of things with it, and they won’t even notice it’s happening. All of a sudden it’s like, whoa, okay, that’s different. So that’s what I like about this. So try a next time with a finger vibe on.

The second one that I like is the Manta. This is by the company I love called Fun Factory. They make some really fun toys. And I, I love them because I think they really think about body shape. They think about how things are used. I assume they get a lot of feedback from their customers saying, you know, like, Hey, I wish it was like this or that. I don’t know. It just seems like there’s a lot of thought put into all of their toys. One of the things I like about their toys too, is this- it has like a holder. So you can, you know, sometimes you just have to keep grabbing it. Like they just have, they just think of a lot of things. This too is rechargeable. It has the nodes here. It has the on switch here and you’ll see, you could probably see it as vibrating. Let me turn it off. See? So it’s vibrating. You can change the speed up and down. I love it. And so this is a great one to use because it goes around the shaft. You want to use loop if you saw my video last week, which I know you did, you can use lube on this. And so now which one, a water-based or a hybrid, right? Exactly. So good. So you can take, you can take a water-based lube like this one for momentum, put it inside of here. Cause you’ll see, it has all these little ridges. And then as you are performing the blow job, you can just stroke it up and down. This was also great. It’s a multipurpose toy. The other thing I like about Fun Factory, They think about this. This toy can also be used on the nipples, yours or his. So let’s say you, he doesn’t like this. You can be like, okay, cool. I’ll use it on me. You don’t have to like it, but this is a really great toy to use when giving a blow job. It just helps to do the stroking for you while you are performing the oral part.

Last but not least. I just got this toy. It’s also by Fun Factory and it’s called the Nos. It might be Noe, but this is a cock ring. So here’s what I love about it. Again, rechargeable. So, and this is another thing about Fun Factory. All the toys use the same type of connection. I hate when you get toys and you got to have 15 different connectors for things. This uses the same connection for everything. So if you lose one for one of your toys, you can always pull out the other one from a different toy. So what’s cool about this is it’s a ring. It’s stretchy. Some of you I know are like, my penis is bigger than that. They won’t get around it. That’s okay. It’s supposed to be tight because the whole point is for the blood flow to go into the penis. And so you don’t want it loose because you know, that’s not the point. So you put it around the penis towards the shaft. Now this one is multifunctional too. You can use this, put around a penis as you’re giving a blow job. If you turn around this way. So it’s facing down towards his testicles. He’ll get a massage on them. If you turn it up this way, you can have sex and it’ll feel good to you, intercourse. I’m sorry. Feel good to you. I’m sorry. Actually would be this way. So, well, it depends on your habits. It’s dependent on which way you are having intercourse, right? So it’ll touch on your clip. So this is the, if you’re a woman having sex with him so this is what feels good. So right here, it’ll kind of clasp around the clitoris like this, which I think is awesome. So let me show you, so this, this is this is a full clitoris, right? But you’ll see, it should go like this. How amazing is that? So he’s inside of you and this is clasping onto the clitoris at the same time, there’s nothing to do a. I’m just showing you that the toy is multifunctional. The other thing that can happen is you can just kind of, if you want to, you can just put it on your fingers and you can just, you know, use it kind of like the finger vibe, if you want it to. It’s also great for the nipples. So again, you could be given a, maybe he’s like, I’m not into that feeling down there, but you can also put this on nipples. This is a really multifunctional toy. Also. He can use it on you on your clitoris as a masturbation tool. I love Fun Factory because they think of all these kinds of things. Like let’s not, you know, it should do a bunch of different things. It shouldn’t just do this one thing. It has a button here on the side. You could probably see it vibrating. Yeah. So I think it has four speeds. I think that’s what I heard was four different speeds. And it’s just, it’s just a cool toy. I just loved that. They think of things like this, even the shape, like they talk about on your site, that is not exactly round. It looks round to you, doesn’t it? But it’s not exactly round actually, because penises aren’t exactly all round. So they just think of a lot of great things. So those are three toys to help make blow jobs better. Your finger vibe, use it on the testicles, the perineum, this on the shaft. You can use it on his nipples. You can use it, the vibration part on his testicles as well. And then this one you could use for partnered intercourse, using on nipples, use it to put it around his penis, having it vibrate down on the testicles as well. So three toys to try out, let me know. I do have these in my store. So I want you to feel free to purchase one and enjoy them and let me know what you think of them.

And before you do that, subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you next week. Bye.