Use These 3 Things to Give Him a BJ He Won’t Forget

Hi everyone. It’s Renée Yvonne , The Gen Sexologist. And welcome! So glad you’re here today. Today, I want to talk about how to give a better blow job. Now, sometimes you can get into a rut with a blow job. Let’s be honest, you’re down there. You’re sucking them. You’re just your jaws hurt. […]

9 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Ways to Treat It

Hi, everyone. It’s Renée Yvonne, The Gen Sexologist. And this week I wanted to talk a little bit about erectile dysfunction. So this is one of the reasons that I got into being a certified sex coach is that this is something that I saw was happening to a lot of men. And there’s two […]

11 Reasons Why Your Libido Isn’t As High As It Used to Be

Hi everyone is Renee Yvonne, that Gen Sexologist and I am recording at 12:30 at night because I am going to get a blog out every freaking week, if it kills me. So please excuse that I don’t have on makeup I’m not looking at it was my normal self, but I’m going to do […]